This. Is. Us.

This. Is. Us.

"It Takes a Village"

Monday, March 20, 2017

We've all heard the phrase, it takes a village to raise a child!  This phrase refers to the many people in a child's life who helps shape and mold them into the person they may become, from family, to friends, to even strangers.  Y'all, we are BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE by the village of people {near and far} who have supported our baby before they have even met him or her.  Thinking back on our journey so far, I cannot wait to share with our child the amazing village of people who rallied around us during this time.  The amount of the love that has already been poured out over our sweet baby could bring me to tears {and those who know me know that tears are rare!}  This baby, and we, are surrounded by the BEST VILLAGE I could ever imagine and it is a continuous blessing that I thank God for daily!

Our "Village" So Far Has: 
  • Sent us some of the most supportive messages and words that we hold onto daily 
  • Prayed over us NUMEROUS times 
  • Shared our story over 500 times
  • Gathered and donated baby items (including toys, clothes, and FORMULA!!!) 
  • Supported our adoption by donating nearly $12,000 to help fund our adoption 
  • Donated to our adoption garage sale which raised $1,300
  • Created a March Madness Bracket which some of the proceeds will go towards our adoption
  • Started raising items for an Adoption Auction that will be held at the end of April 

As much help and support as we have received, we still have a ways to go.  We knew after the rounds of IVF, we were going to have to raise money to fund this adoption and from the beginning, I couldn't wait to create a T-Shirt to help us raise money! Who doesn't love a good tee with a pair of jeans (or shorts)!?!?! I sure do!!  As I started scouring the web for design ideas (let me tell you, there are SOOOOO MANY) I enlisted in some help from my girls >>> get ya some helpful, creative, and slightly pushy friends if ya don't have em!<<< and they delivered.  While there were a lot of great sayings, quotes, and ideas we came across and came up with, I quickly realized that NONE of this could happen without the help we have received.  In thinking about our child, us, and every other person who comes in contact with a child, I have realized how true the saying "it takes a village" is which is why we created out t shirts around this phrase.  

While this is about how so many have helped us, it is also about so much more.  It is about the mom who works 8 hours a day, goes straight home and prepares dinner, does homework, plays with her child, bathes them, and works some more, teaching them the value of hard work.  It is about the sweet lady in the grocery store that politely lets a mom and her babies go first, teaching that child generosity.  It is about the teacher that finds every way to connect with a child who doesn't seem to have many friends, teaching that children that it is important to value others.  It is about the grandma who tells her grandchild stories from the past, teaching them how they got where they are today.  It is about the coach that has them run a few extra laps because they were goofing off at practice, teaching them that choices have consequences.  It is about the sunday school teacher that has a smile on her face every day, teaching them kindness.  "It Takes a Village" is about all people and would love for you to order a shirt to support our adoption, and show support of the village that impacts children every day! 

To order, simply click the link below and fill in your information for your shirt order.  You will be sent a payment invoice, via email, when sale closes on Monday, April 3rd! 

And in honor of this "village" I have been talking nonstop about in today's post, here are a few pictures of SOME of the people that make up our amazing village!!! There are so many others that I don't have pictures of, but please know that we appreciate all of you so much!

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