This. Is. Us.

This. Is. Us.

Ways to Support

Our friends and family, along with our faith, have been our rock through this long journey. More than anything else, we appreciate your prayers.  This has been, and continues to be, a long journey of faith, hardship, joy, tears, faith, frustration, and hope.  The prayers that have surrounded us this far have carried us through.  We appreciate you continuing to pray alongside us. 

Many have asked about ways they can support us.  Below we will list things we've decided, or family and friends have developed, to assist with the mounting expenses associated with adoption.  The average adoption costs between $20,000-$30,000.  While that is extremely expensive, we aren't worried.  We KNOW that God has placed this calling in our hearts, so we KNOW that He will provide. 

However you choose to be involved, we are forever grateful and appreciative that you have chosen to take another step on this journey with us.

1.) Our AMAZING friends set up an account on YouCaring to accept donations.  No donation is too small and we are so grateful for every bit of help we receive.  We have already begun to pray over this money and are trusting that the Lord will provide.  While it is scary and overwhelming thinking of that {large} number, we know that in His will, anything is possible! Below is the link to our YouCaring page. 

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